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Six Ways to Create an Eco-Friendlier Exhibition Stand

In order to save our planet, companies or industries are going for sustainable practices, to be able to reduce their carbon footprints. As you know, with major exhibitions there are substantial environmental costs associated with it, whether it’s about the material used to build your exhibition stand, the waste generated by it, or the shipping and travelling cost.

However, there are a lot of things that you can do in order to make your exhibit more eco-friendly. Companies that take part in exhibitions should start contributing to sustainable efforts even if in a small quantity and hence reducing the overall effect of carbon foot printing.

You can take a look at the following 6 ways in which you can make your eco-friendly exhibition participation:

Opt for the energy-efficient electronics: Just because you’re choosing a sustainable stand, doesn’t mean that you can’t have a great stand, and that too without the excessive use of electricity. Use LED lighting instead of regular bulbs, wherever necessary, as they use 75% lesser energy and are much cheaper in comparison.

Go paper free: Instead of handing out information through brochures to your prospective customers at the exhibitions, you can either ask them to provide their email, so that you can send them a link to download it or you can provide them with a QR scanner which will help them download all the necessary information regarding your product or brand. Introducing this type of technology in your exhibition stand will help draw in more visitors to your booth.

Team up with a local exhibition stand builder: Choosing a local exhibition stand manufacturer in Dubai will not only help reduce your drayage cost but also reduce the cost and pollution associated with shipping your stand overseas.

Buy re-usable exhibition stands: Choosing to buy an exhibition stand that you can reuse multiple times based on your exhibition and business requirements, is a great investment. This not only helps in managing your exhibition stand budget but can also be able to change your stand at each event in a number of ways, without re-ordering a new exhibition stand each time.

Rent your flooring and furniture instead of buying them: When you rent elements like flooring and furniture for your stand, it doesn’t just help in reducing the storage cost but also reduces the amount of waste produced at the end of the show. This way, the exhibition stand builder can reuse it, ensuring that they don’t go to waste after a single use.

Re-usable exhibition stand graphics: You can opt to have sustainable exhibition stand graphics for your business. You can easily reuse it or repurpose it for your next exhibition after the show. Getting eye-catching exhibition stand graphics is a must for every exhibitor, and for an eco-friendly graphics option, you can invest in a high-quality and durable fabric printed graphics that allows you to reuse them for your future events.

These are some of the ways that can help you take a step forward in creating an eco-friendly exhibition stand. You can team up with an experienced and prominent exhibition stand builder company in Dubai that will help you in building a stand that is created exactly as per your requirements and your budget while keeping the environment safe.


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