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Exhibiting Tips for Providing a Successful Trade Show Experience to Visitors

Exhibiting at a trade show provides a great opportunity to enhance your brand awareness in the world but also requires a lot of work to manage the budget, planning, and execution of the exhibition in which you’re participating. We have jotted down several trade show practices that will help you in getting the most out of your trade show participation.

Here’s a list of several exhibiting tips which will help you optimize your efforts in providing a successful trade show experience:

Set real goals and objectives: Whether you’re attending one trade show or several trade shows in one year, you must set some achievable trade show goals and objectives when you’re planning your trade show participation. Do you want to boost your brand awareness? or are you looking to generate direct sales? or to build new business connections? These are all exhibiting objectives that help in measuring the result of your participation after the event is over.

Understand your target audience: Before participating in any exhibition, you must know who your target audience is. And the more important question is how you can motivate them. Knowing your target audience pre-show helps you in selecting your trade show booth products that will be on display at the event, and also help you choose your booth staff that helps increase visitor engagement at your booth.

Choose the top exhibitions and get the best exhibiting space for your company: Now that you have set your exhibiting goals, you must determine which trade show will be the best for your company. Once you have selected the exhibition that you want to participate in, you must register early to get the most options for choosing the best exhibiting space at the venue. The earlier you register – the better chance you’ll have to get the prime locations at the fairground.

Collaborate with a premier exhibition stand builder company: Whether you are in need of a spacious exhibition stand with a big budget or you require a small exhibition stand on a tight budget at exhibitions across the UAE, you should consider hiring a premier exhibition stand builder company in Dubai, like Zumizo International, that not only provides complete exhibition services under one roof but also provides you with an exhibition stand that is within your budget, matches well with your exhibiting goals, and helps maximize your ROI.

Create graphics that helps you stand out from the crowd: The exhibition booth contractor that you hire works closely with you to create graphics that not only elevate your brand’s presence on the global platform but also help your exhibition stand to outshine your competitors and increase visitor engagement at your booth. Your stand builder company makes sure to perfectly match your exhibition stand graphics with the theme and brand of your business.

Promote your trade show presence: The most important task during your trade show participation is to promote your presence pre-show, during the event, and post-show. There are a lot of ways to promote your trade show presence, out of which using social media, like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram helps create a buzz among your prospective customers. While posting on social media platforms, make sure to use the show’s hashtag, so that your target audience is able to see it.

Capture the leads: There are a number of apps available in the market that helps in capturing the leads during the trade show. Lead scanners and mobile apps that help capture the leads are important assets that you must have at your booth. If you’re expecting a lot of attendees, then make sure to rent multiple lead scanners so that your guest doesn’t have any inconvenience in giving their information.

Follow-up on the leads you collected: Once you capture the contact information of all your booth visitors, make sure to timely follow up on all your captured leads and email those who requested further information.

Measure your exhibiting result: The best way to measure your exhibiting result is to look back on your trade show and reconsider your exhibiting goals. Have you collected the number of leads that you envisioned earlier? Or did you have a lot of visitors at your booth? All of this information helps in analyzing your future showings.

Debrief and discuss: The last thing you need to do is debrief after the event is over and discuss the marketing strategy with your team to understand what went well and which part didn’t do well and examine every part of the show so that you can be better equipped for future shows.


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