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5 Best Ways to Determine Your Target Audience at Exhibitions

Do you plan to participate in the upcoming exhibitions in Dubai? Then, as an exhibiting company, you might have set some marketing goals for your participation.

Have you been able to achieve those goals? If not, you don’t have to feel disappointed. We are here to help you understand how to determine your target audience at the events and prepare an effective marketing strategy for your next trade show.

Let us help you improve your return on exhibiting investment by setting clear goals which are possible only when you reach out to your correct target audience at an event.

The first and most important thing to do for any exhibiting company is to determine your target audience. Get as much detailed information as possible about them, like their age, gender, occupation, ethnic background, educational background, income level, geographic level, technological knowledge, etc.

Now, let’s go through the process of identifying your targeted audience at any event. Remember the following steps before planning to participate in your next exhibition:

Know your past audience: Requesting the event’s management team to provide you with the show’s past data and analysis would be the first step you have to take, in order to understand your target audience demographic. Find out who the non-exhibiting attendees are at the event, for example, people who are not exhibitors, staff members, or belong to the media.

Identify attendees into smaller groups: Now that you have narrowed down the list of attendees and figured out your possible target audience among them, the only thing left is to categorize it further into groups of attendees that aligns with your business. You need to get a clear picture of what kind of businesses are they in. Are they retailers or professionals? Having this information helps narrow down the number of attendees interested in buying your product or services on the show floor.

Calculate estimated viable leads: After having a clear image of the number of your potential target audience, the next step for you to do now is to determine the most viable leads. You might have to consider the elements like direct purchasing power of attendees or your direct competitors on the show floor. All of these affect the number of prospects visiting your booth during the event. This way, you are able to determine your viable leads with accuracy.

Set realistic goals: Now that you’ve managed to grasp the knowledge of how many actual prospects would be present at the event, you can start setting realistic goals as to how many of your target audience you expect to reach out to. You need to have a better understanding of the number of sales you want to make at the event.

Learn the best ways to connect with your target audience: Just because you’ve quantified your target audience doesn’t mean that your research is over. It just means that now you have to take the next step to know them better in order to find the best ways to connect with them and achieve your exhibiting goals.

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