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7 Clever Ways to Enhance Your Brand’s Image at Trade Shows

Tradeshows offer an international platform for any business to raise its brand awareness. Tradeshows are very competitive as every exhibitor would be fighting to grab the attention of their prospective customer at the event. So, how will you make your mark on your target audience? The answer is simple, all you need is an innovative promotional strategy to enhance your brand’s identity on this global platform.

By looking at the kind of investment a tradeshow is for any business, it becomes a necessity for every business to come up with a creative and unique marketing strategy that helps in making their tradeshow participation a success. While marketing helps in increasing your customer base, promoting your brand in a correct manner will definitely help you in creating a loyal clientele and establishing a strong brand presence in the international market.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways that helps businesses to raise its brand awareness at tradeshows:

Exhibition stand design: Your exhibition stand is the face of your company at the event which will reflect your brand’s personality and help drive traffic to your booth. Hence, it becomes imperative for you to consider your tradeshow requirements while creating your exhibition stand design. You need to select world-class graphics and appropriate colors for your logo in order to catch the eye of your potential customers at the event and make a stunning first impression on the minds of your visitors.

Promotional and branded items: Giveaways play an important role in any tradeshow. While planning your giveaways, always keep the nature of your business in mind. In order to convey your brand’s identity through giveaways, make sure that your promotional items must be a representation of your business.

Use interactive technology: If you want to outshine your competitors at trade shows, you should definitely incorporate technology in your exhibition stand design. Using VR/AR, and touchscreens in your exhibit is not only a sure way to drive traffic to your booth but also to provide an immersive and memorable experience to your visitors.

Integrate digital platform: Digital platforms are an amazing way to promote your brand. You need to create a calendar to schedule all your posts on the industry forums, and event pages and make sure that you use relevant hashtags while promoting your trade show appearance. Follow groups and pages where you can find your potential clients and be sure to follow the guidelines before posting about your trade show appearance.

Staff training: Always make sure that you have the right staff to man your booth as they play a significant role in conveying your brand’s message to your potential customers. Your booth staff must be knowledgeable, enthusiastic, approachable, and amiable in nature so that they can provide a memorable experience to your booth visitors.

Have a strong social media presence: For a successful tradeshow, you must have a strong social media presence. While promoting your tradeshow appearance on social media platforms make sure that it perfectly reflects your brand’s identity. Using relevant hashtags, like the name of your brand, or the name of your tradeshow can be used as hashtags or you can use some other special hashtags to promote your tradeshow participation on social media.

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