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Common Exhibition Stand Design Mistakes That Must Be Avoided

One of the most important parts of your exhibition stand design is its creativity. The more unique and innovative your stand is, the more attendees it is able to draw in. Nowadays, every exhibitor is trying to make an impactful impression on their audience. So, if you want to add that x-factor to your stand design and pull in a big crowd at your booth, you must avoid the below-mentioned exhibition stand design disasters:

A Closed-off Booth: Your booth walls are not just the most overlooked part of the stand but also the most crucial component of your stand that can negatively impact your exhibition participation if not done correctly. Are the entry and exit points on your booth make you feel claustrophobic? Then, it means you need to incorporate some changes into your exhibition stand design to make it more inviting and easily accessible.

Having too Much Lighting: Illuminating your stand with the correct lighting elements is a good way to grab the interest of your target audience at the event. Since light also emits heat and your booth staff is the ones that are going to spend their entire day inside the booth. So, you must understand which type of lighting should be used and the number of lights you can use to make your exhibit inviting.Remember lighting enhances the entire appeal of your exhibition stand at the fairground. So, keep these in mind while selecting your lighting elements for your exhibition stand construction.

Messy and Cluttered Stand: Which products should be put on display in the stand is a common issue faced by almost every exhibitor. Your exhibition booth should have enough space for the trade visitors to roam around freely. A messy and cluttered stand will be able to deter your audience to go away from your stand rather than a neat and well-organized stand that compels your intended target audience to visit your booth.

Choosing the correct stand size: It’s a common misconception among exhibiting companies that a large stand ensures great success for your exhibition participation, which couldn’t be further from the truth. The size of your stand-alone doesn’t ensure your success, but how you convince the attendees at your booth and turn them into leads does. So, a large exhibition stand can also negatively impact your lead generation capabilities if the large space remains unconstructive and empty.

Graphic placement on your stand: The graphics of your exhibition stand is an important part of your trade show booth display that makes sure to relay your brand’s message to your target audience at the show by placing it higher on the stand. Having a large-scale graphic that is starting to blur is definitely not the way to promote your brand. Make sure to use the proper formatting and correct image resolution before printing your exhibition stand graphics. Since it greatly affects the image of your brand, it should be treated with extreme care and caution.

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