Double Decker Exhibition Stand

Double Decker Stand

If you are in search of a stunning double decker exhibition stand Dubai that makes you look distinctive in the crowd but also does not cost much, then you are in the right place. We bring to the buyers a colossal collection of two-story stands or double-decker stands designed to turn any booth into the focal point of attention. With designers with years of experience and a talent for creativity, we provide our customers double-decker stands that are magnets for attention and quick registration.

Stands that Make You Stand Out

We are a leading provider of double decker stands in this geography. For years we have been providing the business community decker exhibition stand design Dubai that are abundantly attractive and interactive with the viewers. Our stands are curated to enhance your space and presence in the trade fair and make advertisement a straight success.

Robust Stands That Double as Partitions

Booths at trade exhibitions are not exactly spacious. We know that and as a result we design double decker stands that are robust and can serve as partitions between your booth and the next. Set one up and you will be able to promise your stand attendants complete privacy even in a small, scrunched up space.

Designs That Reflect Exceptional Imagination

We are a double decker booth builder Dubai that boasts of stands that display designs that are not just visually impressive, but are straight up creative exceptions. Visit our gallery and we guarantee you designs that will not see anywhere else. Our designs strive to make an impression, but above all, they aim for perfection and that’s unmissable in their work. Our customers vouch for our double decker stand designs partly because of their ace quality graphics which is hard to find a match for in the market.

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I’ve been dealing with Zumizo for quite some time and i appreciate the fact that they never compromise on quality.


I’m really thankful to them for presenting my exhibition stands on time, besides my delayed order.

Anna Paulina

We collaborated with Zumizo International for our exhibition stand construction and they were very supportive .



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