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Six Helpful Exhibition Tips for Small Businesses

Exhibitions provide a global platform for businesses to showcase their products to their prospective customers and have face-to-face interactions with them to get direct feedback regarding their products and services while giving their business the right kind of exposure to boost their brand’s image. In our opinion, small businesses make a huge impact in curbing the unemployment factor of any country with the creation of new jobs and also help in keeping the entrepreneurial spirit alive.

We understand how worried a small business owner could get while getting ready for their trade show participation and that is why Zumizo International is here to help you get the maximum benefit out of your exhibition participation. We are an experienced exhibition stand design and build company in Dubai that offers complete exhibition services and solutions at a competitive price across the UAE.

We have listed down 6 of our marketing tips that every small business should know before exhibiting at a trade show:

Make achievable goals: Once you decide to participate in an exhibition, you need to start thinking about your next phase, i.e., planning. It is very important for small businesses to set realistic goals and plan their exhibition with the mindset of achieving them. As a small business owner, you have limited money that you can spend on your exhibition participation, so you must find out your purpose for exhibiting. Whether you want to increase your brand’s awareness internationally, get new clients, or increase your business networking? Whatever your objectives are, make sure that your team of booth builders and stand designers are aware of these goals. It will be easy to achieve your desired goals once you know your goals and have a plan to achieve them.

Do a thorough competitor analysis: Healthy competition is always a good thing; it helps you grow and evolve as a business. Research your competitors at the exhibition and do a thorough analysis to learn about their strategies and marketing tactics to further plan your exhibition stand. Research your competitors and what they are doing to understand what features you’re missing out on and use your creativity to improve them.

Prepare your budget: The most significant point for any small business is their expenditure and how you’re going to prepare your budget to understand how much money has been spent in your exhibit participation. Since you don’t have too much money to spend on your exhibition stand design, preparing a budget will help you understand how much money you have and how can you use it wisely to make the most benefit out of your exhibition participation.

Invest in an attractive exhibit: The first thing that any attendee notices is your exhibition stand. So, it really needs to have that charm that captivates the interest of your potential customers and helps increase foot traffic to your booth during the event. Hiring an exhibition stall design company that provides complete exhibition services will not only be helpful in getting the best exhibition stands for you but they will also provide the best possible exhibition stand solution for you within your budget.

Build up the hype with pre-show marketing tactics: Using social media platforms to create a buzz among your prospective clients before the show is an amazing marketing strategy that will not only help your target audience to learn about your products and services but provide them an opportunity to visit your booth at the trade show.

Network and make a compelling offer: When you’re a small business trying to stand out from large competitors at the event, you must prepare your sales pitch. Prepare your mission statement for the exhibition and think about what your audience will take away after your conversation ends? Your potential customers need to have a sense of who you are and what you’re presenting. Networking plays a vital role for small businesses, especially at exhibitions. Exhibitions allow you to befriend your fellow vendors, industry professionals, competitors, and other small business owners to build some quality connections that last even after the trade show ends.


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