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Things to Look for in an Exhibition Stand Maker in Dubai

Catapulting a brand to the world stage requires two things, momentum and style. These are the two things that hook the audience in and make such a launch successful. In this, seemingly secondary tools can help immensely. One such thing is exhibition stands. If you are planning to setup a booth in the upcoming trade exhibition near you, then an attention arresting exhibition stand is all that stands between you and a successful launch. Luckily for businesses, there is a healthy abundance of exhibition stand designers UAE that can help you with that. These designers with experience of handling the most top-class events in the town know exactly how to dress an exhibition stand so that it becomes a magnet for attention and registration.

There are some exhibition stand builders in Dubai who are known for their modern designs and interesting graphics. These designers make use of a multitude of elements to put together a striking exhibition stand. Attractive graphics, catchy text, vibrant colors, advanced lighting and a bunch of things to make such a stand come to life.

Below are some of the qualities to look for in an exhibition stand company in Dubai when assigning it the job of building a custom stand.


Companies that are higher up in the rung go the extra mile to maintain transparency between client and company. This does two things. One it helps build trust between the two parties. Second it leaves no room for surprises, miscommunications and unpleasantness in the end. These companies do everything in their power to keep the clients informed about every small detail pertaining to the project. This keeps both the parties in knowledge. So clarity is one of the things you want to be looking in the company you are planning to hire for making your custom exhibition stand.


Turnaround is another thing that you should be wary of when hiring a provider. Not all companies have short turnarounds, especially where complicated and big projects are concerned. If you are on a schedule, say the exhibition date is near and you are looking to get a superb stand made in a short time, you need to hire a provider that is comfortable working on short deadlines. There may not be many options, but there will be just enough to choose from. When hiring, make sure to check the company’s track record where meeting deadlines is concerned.

Turnkey Solutions

Another absolute essential is high-quality solutions. Finding a company that crosses the above two things is not enough where high-quality product is concerned. You need a company that provides the best-quality solutions too in order to be certain that the stand you are paying for is going to be worth the money. This is something you don’t want to make any compromises with at all. So keep looking until you have a company whose portfolio impresses you and gives you a sense that they would be able to execute your project with finesse and perfection.

Blue Prints Dubai is an exhibition stand design company that meets all the above mentioned criteria perfectly.


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