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How to Choose the Right Size for your Exhibition Stand and Layout

The first thing to consider before planning your trade show participation is your exhibition stand. There are different elements that make your exhibition stand great and your participation successful. Among these is your exhibition stand design, and style and the most significant one is the size of your stand. It might seem like a simple decision to select the right size for your trade show booth but it’s not.

Zumizo International is your trusted partner for bespoke exhibition stand design and build in Dubai which can help you understand the factors that make up for successful exhibition participation.

Listed below are some of the points that must be considered before finalizing your exhibition stand:

Exhibition: The first and most important thing before finalizing your exhibition stand is to know whether you’re exhibiting at a high-profile exhibition or a small one. Researching about the exhibition you’re participating in beforehand gives you an opportunity to know which brands will attend the exhibition and what kind of stands they had in the previous shows.

Stand Budget: The budget of your exhibition stand determines what kind of exhibition stand design and size you should consider for your trade show. If you’re worried about your lack of exhibiting experience, then you have the option of partnering with a custom exhibition stand contractors in Dubai. They will help you in getting the best exhibition stand that conveys your brand’s message to your potential customers within your budget.

Exhibiting Space and Location: Exhibiting space and the location of your stand at the venue plays a significant role in successful exhibition participation. The exhibiting space that you’ve rented or allotted gives you ideas about the exhibition stand size and designs that you can have. The exhibition space provided to you at the venue gives you an exact idea of the type of stand you can get for your company. The location of your exhibition stand also helps in determining the foot traffic at your booth.

Exhibition Stand Design: The size of your exhibition stand helps decide the design of your stand. If you want a remarkable and alluring stand to represent your business, you’ll need a big and spacious exhibition stand but if you want a functional and simple design, you won’t need a huge exhibition stand. The best way is to collaborate with exhibition stand builders and let them guide you in getting the right exhibition stand for your company.

Limited Manpower and Time Constraints: Another point to consider while finalizing your exhibition stand is to know how much time it will take to assemble and dismantle your stand at the fairground. If you have budget constraints and can’t afford to hire enough manpower, then you can consider small and modular stands but if you have money to hire enough people, and time then you can go for an alluring and detailed stand design.


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