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6 Ways to Build Powerful Brand Presence at Exhibitions in Dubai

When you spend so much of your time, money, and effort in planning your exhibition participation to make it a great success, why not just collaborate with a reputed exhibition stand builder company in Dubai and take your business to the next level by increasing your ROI?

The ROI can be increased through lead generation and that is achievable through the proper use of marketing strategy. You have to make your brand the essence of your exhibit that rouses the interest of trade visitors and compels them to visit your booth. The question however is how to brandify your booth in order to increase your lead generation capacity and build a strong and loyal customer base. You can rent a booth space on the show floor but unless you utilize the limited stand space effectively, you will not be able to grab the attention of your audience. So, to master the art of staying ahead of the industry curve on the show floor, a strong brand presence in your exhibition stand design is a necessity. You have to integrate visual stimuli, the latest technologies, engaging games, and fun contests while planning your exhibition stand if you want your brand to be the focus of every attendee in the exhibition hall.

We are Blueprint Global, a leading name among the exhibition stand manufacturers in Dubai that provides complete exhibition stand services and solutions worldwide. With the correct blend of innovation and expertise, an exhibition stand company in Dubai will be able to help to show off your exhibition stand in a better way.

We have put together 6 effective ways that can help you promote your brand at the fairground. Here they are:

Provide branded and thoughtful giveaway items: Everyone loves freebies but if you’re giving away an item that doesn’t interest your target audience, then it’s a waste of your money and resources. So, to make it worth your while, the first thing that you should put emphasis on is what motivates your target audience group. Try to understand what would they like as a freebie. For example, would get sunglasses, or a phone holder interest them? If yes, then put your logo on it, brandify the product and give it to your booth visitors as a promotional freebie item.

Create a buzz with your exhibition stand design: Since your exhibition stand is the face of your company at the event that represents your business among your audience, it should be designed with creative yet thoughtful ideas that don’t take the simplicity out of the picture but adds a thought-proving, and attention-grabbing element to your exhibit.

Keep a strong social media presence: In today’s digital age, being tech-savvy is a must for every exhibitor. Social media plays a significant role in the exhibition world, not just to promote an event or your participation in the exhibition, but also to catch the eye of your prospects and increase footfall at your booth during the exhibition. So, keep your social media handles up-to-date at all times. If you use it effectively, social media platforms will immensely help in enhancing your performance on the show floor.

Illuminate your booth with the right lighting: A well-lit booth, no doubt is able to captivate your audience, just like a photograph steals your heart when clicked at the perfect angle with good lighting. The correct use of lighting can also help make your small exhibiting space feel huge. So, illuminate your booth with various lighting elements, like backlit wall lights, LEDs, lighting strips, or spotlights, and make lasting impressions on your attendees.

Use digital content and visuals effectively: You can provide your audience with an immersive and memorable exhibition experience by integrating brilliant, bold, and vivacious graphics that fascinates your audience. Use the visuals and technology correctly at your booth, whether you’re demonstrating a product or displaying a video, it should be able to capture the attention of your audience, and don’t forget to put your brand in the visuals, as it leaves lasting impressions on the minds of your prospective clients, and they will be able to recognize your brand even after the exhibition ends.

Include engrossing methods: You can add a few attention-grabbing activities at your stand to keep your target audience engaged at the booth enough that you’re able to convert them into prospective customers. For example, introducing fun contests like raffles, trivia, and quiz shows, or games like spin the wheel, and bean bag toss will surely help make a huge impact on your audience. Just make sure to keep your brand included in all of the activities to create a buzz among the attendees about it.


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