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6 Modern Technologies That Enhance Visitor Interactivity at your Exhibition Stand

Participating in exhibitions is one of the many strategies that help businesses connect with their intended target group and build profitable business connections. Since every exhibitor will be competing to grab the attention of their target audience at trade shows, then how would you catch the eye of your prospective customers at the event? By making a stand that compels your target audience as well as increases visitor interaction at your booth. This is possible by incorporating cutting-edge technologies in your stand design that works wonder in enhancing visitor engagement at your exhibition stand.

An exhibition stand builder in Dubai can implement high-tech solutions in designing and building your stand that not only helps enhance visitor engagement but also makes your booth stand out from the crowd.

Do you want to increase visitor interactivity at your booth? Then, don’t forget to include the following mentioned modern technologies in your exhibition stand design:

1 – Virtual Walls: Nowadays, virtual walls are a must-have for every exhibitor that wants to increase their visitor interaction. These motion-sensing walls transform your ordinary-looking booth into an extraordinary one. By using projection screens and LEDs, these virtual walls transform into a big digital canvas that allows your target audience to touch, tap, or play a game. These tremendously help enhance visitor engagement at your exhibit.

2 – Augmented Reality: In today’s digital era, everyone seems to be very attached to their smart devices. So, what better way to grab the attention of your prospective clients than to integrate AR technology into your exhibit? Just like “Pokémon Go” which greatly impacted a lot of people worldwide, you can also use AR to capture the interest of your target audience. AR uses a computer-generated graphic that overlaps with the real world and can be accessed through the use of mobile applications. You can create a buzz among your audience by using AR technology for your product or service demonstration.

3 – Virtual Reality: Using immersive technologies like ‘virtual reality’, helps your target audience to have a unique, memorable, and multi-sensory experience. Your prospective customers will flock to your booth to engage in a VR-based product demonstration. This technology helps your audience strike up conversations about your brand and would like to know more about it. By using VR technology in your exhibition stand, you allow your audience to experience a virtual world that enables them to feel connected to your brand on a personal level.

4 – Interactive Flooring: Do you know that the flooring of your exhibition stands is the least thought-out aspect that can be transformed into the most interactive asset of your stand? Yes, you can. All you have to do is incorporate cube-shaped LEDs with proximity sensors in your exhibition floor and watch your visitors go gaga over the color-changing floors when they step on it. You can take this approach a little further and include your version of the game ‘Twister’ or a dance game that leaves an unforgettable impression on your prospective customers.

5 – Beacon: Beacons are these small smart transmitters that send radio signals to Bluetooth-enabled devices within their proximity. Since every beacon transmits a unique ID to a smart device, it lets your audience know which brand it belongs to. Beacons help exhibitors to connect with their prospective clients at a trade show, and offer them various flash deals, discounts, or promotional codes.

6 – Digital Display Product Presentation: You can increase visitor interaction at your booth by having a digital presentation of your product through various technologies, such as motion-sensing LED screens and interactive mirror screens. When you create a digital presentation of your product, you can use several technologies that help change the color, look, and sound of your presentation, while keeping your prospects engaged at your booth.


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