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Whether you’re a multinational corporation or a start-up company ready to set its foot in the industry, participating in exhibitions is an important marketing strategy that helps businesses to grow. But, do you know how exhaustive and troublesome it is to plan your exhibition stand? So, to ease off your burden, collaborate with an experienced and professional exhibition stand builder company in Dubai that can provide complete exhibition stand services and solutions all across the UAE without any hassle.

If you are a veteran exhibitor, you’d understand the struggle of finding a reliable exhibition stand manufacturer in Dubai. Zumizo International is a renowned exhibition stand contractor in Dubai that can help you with your exhibition participation.

Mentioned below are some of the useful tips that help in successfully managing your exhibition participation in Dubai, UAE:

PREPARE A CHECKLIST: The first and most important step in planning your exhibition participation is to research thoroughly before making a to-do list. It might appear to be a simple task to prepare an ultimate checklist of tasks with due dates. Your inventory should include everything, from the contact details of your prospective customers to your invoices, booth stationery, and plenty of literature.

HAVE A SIMPLE YET ENGAGING EXHIBITION STAND DISPLAYS: You should have a bright and lively display for your exhibit with the right amount of lighting that brightens up your space. Your stand displays should be to the point, eye-catching, and able to turn the heads of every passerby. But the most important thing is that it should be able to convey your brand’s message to the bystanders or to your target group of audiences.

HAVE A REWARDING FOLLOW-UP ON LEADS: To make the most out of your exhibition participation, it is essential for you to understand that follow-up on your leads is a must, even after the show ends. Every exhibitor should consider distributing the list of prospective leads to your team members, so that, they can properly follow up with the leads while the exhibition experience is still alive in their minds. While doing this, make sure to set a time limit for your follow-up.

JAZZ UP THE UNIFORMS FOR YOUR BOOTH STAFF: To appear as a team, it is essential to have staff uniforms at the exhibition. It doesn’t just help in making you stand out from the crowd but also helps make your brand recognizable. A dull and scruffy attire could ruin your stunning trade fair appearance. So, spice up the attire and stand apart from your competitors at the event.

CHOOSE THE BEST TEAM AS YOUR BOOTH STAFF: The members of your booth staff should have an amiable nature and also have appropriate knowledge of your products and services. Always make sure to select members that look friendly and approachable and give them proper training too. The one thing every staff member must know about is to never leave your booth unattended at the show. Since the employees you select as the stand staff, represent your company on the global platform, so make sure to choose the right staff to man your booth at the event.

GET AN EXCELLENT LEAD RETRIEVAL SYSTEM: Everyone knows that exhibitions are a treasure trove for lead generation and the best and most appropriate way to do it is through portable scanners. You can rent scanners for your team members so that they don’t fail to capture the potential lead when the opportunity provides it. The entire data that you’ve managed to capture through the scanners from the exhibition should be entered into your CRM program and designated it with the name of the trade show. This is the proper way of conducting lead retrieval from the exhibitions.


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